Monday, July 11, 2011

Springfield Armory 3.8 XDM 9mm

I've had my Springfield Armory 3.8 XDM 9mm pistol for about a year and this gun still feels great.  If you are looking for a full size 9mm for concealed carry this is definitively a firearm to consider.  

  1. This beauty has a 19+1 round capacity.  This is a feat in itself, 20 rounds in this sweet gun.  
  2. This 3.8 XDM 9mm is one of the strongest/sturdy guns I have ever shot.  Unlike many firearms, it doesn't feel cheaply made or as if it were made out of plastic.
  3. No safety is present on the 3.8 XDM.  As much as safety is a concern for everyone they are a pain and simply get in the way.  That being said this gun is very safe.  There is a trigger safety as well as on the rear of the grip.  After several tests this gun is virtually impossible to fire accidently as it forces you to hold the gun correctly.
  4. The 3.8 XDM 9mm comes with three different grips.  I personally use the mid level grip after trials of each style. The initial change of this grip was very difficult.
  5. Additional safety features include a chamber indicator on the top of the slide that will help you identify if the gun is loaded or not.  Also the you will known if the gun is cocked or not based on a small protrusion located on the rear of the slide.

Many peoples ego's have a little bit of an issue shooting a 9mm, and while that is fine, this gun may change your mind.  It shoots smooth, and with the exchangeable back-grips it can adapt to any size hand.  For those mentioned above avoiding the 9mm now have the option for the 3.8 .40 XDM.  Being that this firearm has been around a year and a half it looks like people have taken to like the Springfield Armory XDM of all sizes.

Many people who love the 3.8 XDM .40 are purchasing the 3.8 XDM 9mm for practice shooting.  This will result in much cheaper ammo.  The next item on my list to put on my 3.8 XDM 9mm is a Crimson Trace Laser kit. Not only is this a great training tool in dry-firing, but it look awesome!

This has extremely little recoil and you are ready for your next shot instantly.  The only item missing from my  XDM is night sights.  Please check back for an unboxing of the 3.8 XDM 9mm as well as field stripping and test firing.

Caliber: 9MM
Magazines: 2 – 19 Round, Stainless Steel
Barrel: 3.8″ Steel, Melonite ®, Fully Supported Ramp
Sights: Dovetail Front and Rear (Steel) 3-Dot
Trigger Pull: 5.5-7.7 lbs
Frame : Black Polymer
Slide: Forged Steel
Overall Length: 7″
Height: 5.6″
Weight w/ empty mag: 27.5oz
Available colors: Black, Bi-Tone SS/Black
*High Capacity Magazines may not be available in some states.
*Optional fiber optic sights coming soon…

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For more information on any type of Springfield Armory XD, check out XD Talk.  This site is a great resource for information and getting your questions answered.  All of the members (well most) are courteous and will assist your or point you in the right direction.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

FPS Russia

If you have not checked FPS Russia out on YouTube please do so.  This guy is great and gives exceptional reviews of all the firearms he gets his hands on.  This is one of my most recent favorites.

The AA-12 as he states in the clip gives great knockdown power for any situation.  In addition to knockdown power this firearm will operate in any condition you throw at it.

Please visit Club-Shed for more of YouTube's great videos.

Great News!

Gun Reviewers in the near future will be bringing exceptional firearm and firearm accessories reviews.  Please bookmark this site and check back.